Company Profile

Technolink today has a group turnover of 10 million US Dollars. The company currently has its offices located in the commercial capital of India which is Mumbai and manufacturing units in Faridabad which is an industrial heart of India.

The company today aims for professional working culture through which it can attain sustainable growth in the near future.

The manufacturing facilities are spread over around 54,000 sq. feet . Each unit is operating as an individual entity and contributes in the growth of  Technolink Inc. with a separate development and manufacturing.

A professional team is governing the routine administration of works , co-ordination , marketing , sales and services within the factories and throughout the sales network in India and overseas.

In-house R&D section , Fabrication and Machine shop use some of the most modern machines and methods . Q.C Department is equipped with some of the latest instruments , online assembly shop etc. This gives Technolink Inc. an edge over its competitors in different fields.


Technical soundness coupled with overseas market knowledge forms the solid foundation . A close – knit management of two directors firmly manages the group of professional and technical staff in dedicating themselves fully to achieve the highest levels of quality improvement and customer satisfaction.

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