VedaPrana Green Tea is grown in the Nilgiri range of mountains in Southern India. The tea leaves are carefully handpicked under nativity & processed and packed using advance technology.

VedaPrana Green Tea contains compounds that may provide powerful protection against several cancers & possibly heart disease. Studies indicate it also fights infection & promotes longevity. The antioxidant effect of green tea’s polyphenols may also help protect  the heart. You can get the benefits of green tea by drinking 4-5 cups of the fresh brew each day.

VedaPrana Green Tea benefits :

Speeds up WEIGHT LOSS and lowers one’s risk of becoming obese

    1. Reduces high blood pressure and the risk of CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES
    2. LOWERS the risk of TYPE II DIABETES and various types of CANCER
    3. Reduces the risk of FUNGAL INFECTION in WOMEN
    4. Lowers severity of RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS
    5. Reduces effects of obstructive SLEEP APNEA
    6. Improves BRAIN FUNCTION and protects the brain in old age
    7. Kills bacteria, which improves DENTAL HEALTH
    8. Reduces stress and depression and boosts the IMMUNE SYSTEM
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